Who is it for?

Athletic Performance

Increased levels of anabolic hormones produced naturally can help increase cardiovascular fitness levels, improve recovery times, decrease injury rates and help to build muscular strength and endurance. Settings can be matched to fitness levels, whether you are looking to build through pre-season or maintain fitness levels throughout the season, we cater for all.


As our body's mature, we tend to see a decline in fitness levels and a reduction in hormones that are essential in keeping our body's healthy. The use of Vasper has been proven to increase your hormone levels and bring you back to an optimum level for your age which in turn will make you feel healthier and regenerated. It can also assist with your sleep pattern. We have clients of all age groups and abilities ranging from elite athletes to health conscious pensioners, some with life changing health issues.


A number of studies have been done to show improvements in recovery times from injuries. The non-weight bearing aspect of Vasper sessions means you can start to exercise much quicker in the recovery stage and intensity levels can be matched to your needs. One of the many benefits is the reduction of soreness and pain. It is great for individuals who are training for events or regularly throughout the week. If you reduce the DOMS you get when training regularly you can increase loads thereby enhancing the quality of your training. 

General Fitness/Hormone Optimisation

There are many who do not have the time or inclination to attend a gym regularly. The unique benefit of Vasper Technology allows for a session lasting 21 minutes providing the body with the effect of a 2 hour training session. You will also gain the benefit of no sweating or soreness after training.


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