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Vasper is a combination of compression, cooling and HITT training that leads to an increase in production of anabolic hormones naturally, providing the benefit of a 2 hour workout in just 21 minutes.

Compression and cooling create the effect of a high intensity anaerobic exercise without the time, effort and muscle damage you get with other forms of exercise. Instead of having DOMS for days after exercise, you can now get the same benefit of high intensity exercise with no soreness or sweating! 

We are convinced about the multiple benefits of Vasper. Technology is catching up with the health, fitness and wellbeing industry and Vasper is at the forefront of these changes. Low impact and adaptable programs provides access to all ages and abilities where other exercise options might prove difficult. 

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The Vasper system combines compression, liquid cooling, and interval training to drive your body’s production of growth and recovery hormones, delivering the significant benefits of high intensity exercise in an efficient and low-impact 21-minute workout.

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